Pining for the cold and snow

Whenever it snows in Christchurch I get depressed. I realise I’m no longer living in the climate I like best. I miss the cold frosty mornings, the views to snow-covered mountains, the crisp air and visible breath, the warm woolly hats and scarves, the warm fires, the proximity to ski-fields and ice-skating rinks, the deciduous trees, the exciting prospect of tobogganing and the possibility of snow in the backyard. Auckland has been cold the past two days and I’ve loved it. I loved walking out with the dogs this morning and feeling the icy air against my cheeks and seeing my breath when I spoke but this is a very rare event in Auckland.

When I see the photos and videos of all the snow in Christchurch I long to see it first-hand. But I am also conscious that most Cantabrians have probably had enough of the snow and want it gone. There are people still using portaloos in the street and people without adequate heating and for them it must be very trying.

Our house sold last week so we no longer own a home. Ben is currently staying in an empty house belonging to some nice friends of ours who have also fled the city. He arrived at the house late last night after leaving us in Auckland. The house has not had any heating on for quite a few days and it was cold. The kitchen thermometer read 3.4 degrees. I received a text from Ben saying “could huddle inside fridge (4°C) for warmth”.