Rumbling thunderstorms

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I was woken just after midnight to the sound of thunder and I leapt out of bed thinking it was an earthquake. The deep vibrating rumble was not so unlike an earthquake and it made the glass doors in our bedroom rattle very slightly. My heart was thumping – was this a foreshock to something bigger? – I checked on both kids, they were still asleep, so I went on Twitter to see what was happening. There was nothing. I couldn’t understand. Then I saw the lightning and realised what it was.

Now that I was all worked up I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to read the news on the web for a little while. Unfortunately the first article I saw read “thunderstorms moving up the north island may create a small tornado”. Great.

3 thoughts on “Rumbling thunderstorms”

  1. You poor thing. I hope earthquakes won't stop you enjoying thunderstorms for ever. I love them (except when they squash houses). We don't get enough of them in Canberra. Bronnie

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