First day at kindy

Daniel had a great first day at kindy today. He woke up this morning super-eager to go and there were no issues at all when we said goodbye. He’s decided that the new kindy is better than the Christchurch one which he now describes as “old”. It is a very good kindy. We’re lucky he’s been able to get in so quickly.

Ben was here for the long weekend and has only just left us this afternoon. We were all thrilled to see him last Friday with Daniel sitting at the window looking out for him for almost an hour! This morning Ben took Elizabeth to playgroup so with Daniel at kindy I had a glorious few hours all to myself. It was sorely needed and I’m all the better for it now so hopefully the kids will benefit too.

I’ve got the camera back so here are a couple of photos of Point Chevalier. The beach where I walk the dogs:

An ultra-modern home in the neighbourhood (I think it looks a little like a shipping container stacked on top of two others):

5 responses to “First day at kindy”

  1. It's getting better all the time. Good to hear that Daniel is enjoying his new kindy. Point Chevalier looks gorgeous. With a beach like that, I'd want to walk for hours! B

  2. Is that Freud in the second photo with what looks like a whippet?

  3. It is Freud and the second dog reminded me of Daisy. I didn't ask the owner what breed but it does look like a whippet.

  4. Nice to hear you had a little break on your own… I'm sure Ben would have enjoyed his time too. Great that the 'new' kindy is working out, and how lovely that Daniel was so happy to go. Makes it SO much easier to say goodbye and enjoy the time for yourself (and Elizabeth).

  5. It does! There's was lots of preparation before-hand though. We took him on three visits last week and spent most of the weekend discussing starting kindy and us going home then returning to pick him up at mat-time. He also took along a carrot to feed to resident guinea pig, Pukunui.

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