Fleas and volcanoes

I am still battling the fleas. Zeki is a flea-bag at the moment and he wakes me up during the night with his scratching. It’s driving me insane so I can only imagine what it’s doing to him. I’m vacuuming the carpets everyday and also picking individual fleas off him and killing them. The fleas all seem to congregate around his arse. Why do they do that?

I have been researching the Auckland volcanic field because I think it’s something I should know as much as possible about if we are to buy a house here. People probably think I’m turning into the nutty natural disaster woman but I’m not overly worried and indeed I think it would be quite spectacular to witness the birth of a new volcano, which is what will likely happen here. But if you’re living on top of an active field, then it’s sensible to have as much knowledge about it as possible.

There are estimated to be some 49 small volcanoes in the field and the field itself is centered right beneath the city. Most of the vents have erupted just once so they are expecting the next eruption to be in a new location but cannot say where. It’s all a bit Russian roulette. The last eruption, 600 years ago, was Rangitoto which is in the Waitemata harbour and of which I took a great photo for this blog a few weeks ago. Here it is as seen from Mission Bay:

Rangitoto is the largest volcano in the field and there is a trend towards larger eruptions so the next might be big too. Although they can’t predict where the next eruption will occur, it’s not completely random either. There’s evidence that the eruptions are linked and so they’re expecting the next one to occur somewhere near Rangitoto. If it’s in the harbour (it could also be on land), then there’s the risk of tsunami. I’ve read that the most at-risk areas are the eastern suburbs of the Auckland isthmus from Mission Bay to St Heliers as well as the eastern suburbs of the North Shore. So I think we’ll buy somewhere South-West of the city. There’s evidence that the field is moving northwards but they can’t be sure and it could be hundreds or even thousands of years before anything happens.

3 thoughts on “Fleas and volcanoes”

  1. Sounds as though both Zeki and the house need to be treated for fleas. Give Zeki a dose of Capstar followed by Comfortis then do the house or maybe do the house first.

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