Our temporary home in Point Chevalier

I have good news: Ben is able to move up here in less than a month. Hooray!

Point Chevalier is a lovely suburb. I have found a terrific playgroup just around the corner which runs three days per week. This is a relief because the kindy is full and can’t take Daniel until October. We may have moved again by that stage because house prices are too expensive in this part of town.

Our neighbours on both sides are very nice. The day we moved in, the lady next door brought some home-made tomato soup over for us. It was delicious. Upon seeing the children are without toys (as they’re all still in Christchurch) she also brought over the toys she keeps for when the grandchildren come to play. I’ve also met the gentleman on the other side and he was very friendly too. He told us that if we need anything, then don’t hesitate to ask, unless it’s for money. Who asks their neighbour for money? Sugar, yes, but money?

We have a huge super-king size bed which I’m loving. Elizabeth still sleeps in our bed because she wakes so frequently throughout the night and it means I don’t have to get out of bed all the time. The other night I went to sleep on the opposite side of the bed to her which feels like miles away. During the night I was awoken by a noise in the house and I discovered Elizabeth was no longer in bed! She was in the kitchen. Perhaps she had been scrounging for a snack in the rubbish bin? She was very pleased to see me so I suspect she went looking for me without realising I was lying a couple of metres away from her in our giant bed.