Best place to live?

Ben leaves us today. I’m going to send him back with our camera so that he can take some photos of our house in the snow since I’m never going to get to see it.

Apparently Auckland ranked 4th on the Mercer quality of life index of world’s best places to live in 2010. I can’t comment because I haven’t been here long enough to be a good judge. I always thought Christchurch should rank highly on that scale but it was never included. It wouldn’t make the cut now and won’t for a very long time. I read recently that Hebgen Lake in Montana was shaken by a Mag. 7.2 more than 50 years ago and is still being rattled by aftershocks today. It could be a very long time before the ground settles beneath Christchurch.

I’m curious to know where my readers would choose to live if they had the freedom to go wherever they wanted without monetary, visa or other constraints. Where would you live?

4 thoughts on “Best place to live?”

  1. If you'd asked me that last week, it probably would have been Oslo but now one of those English villages, the sort that feature in Midsomer Murders, is at the top of the list.

  2. I haven't travelled enough to be sure. However, I would like to live some of the time in a lush, green and scenic spot. Maybe in Maine or New Hampshire during their warmer months and in a pretty coastal town south of Sydney during Australia's warmer months. Of course I'd have to have a pad in Sydney and perhaps one in London. Anyone know any single billionaires? Bronnie

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