Zeki has taken to scratching himself uncontrollably through the night so this morning I examined him for fleas. I found and killed 10 fleas in less than 10 minutes! This is not something I’ve seen since we lived in Brisbane more than 6 years ago. Damn you earthquakes! I was happy in Christchurch before you. I’ve promised Ben I won’t beg to move again unless the volcanoes erupt so here we are and here we’ll stay.

Last night I made pasta with a tomato-basil source. Daniel always has his pasta plain with nothing on it but last night I mixed the sauce in with the pasta and presented it to him. There were shouts of protest and tears and a determination to eat none of it. Then I told him that if he ate it, it might make his poo turn red. He ate it all up with gusto. The things that motivate them…

6 thoughts on “Fleas”

  1. Can't believe that Christchurch would be without its share of fleas, Rach. After all, they spread the Black Plague/Death around Europe in the Middle Ages. The problem is you have moved into a dog friendly property and sans doute, there were dogs there with the previous tenants. Try "Comfortis". It's a fairly new product which actually works in killing fleas. It is available cheaply on line with the larger doses being the best value. Now you can understand why so many owners are reluctant to take tenants with dogs – can't trust the owners to de-flea their mutts!

  2. Christchurch was not without fleas but they were only ever a problem in summer and even then, just the odd one or two. I'm finding dozens on Zeki every time I look. The previous tenant was the owner and she kept a cat.

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