The Apocalypse

Christchurch is beginning to look very post-apocalyptic.


Collapsing buildings, deserted streets and now snow. A Hollywood movie-maker’s dream.

I’m gutted to have missed the snow. Every winter I long for a winter wonderland and I’ve missed it by a few weeks.

The poor old University of Canterbury has taken a battering this year. Countless teaching days have been lost due to the earthquakes and now snow has disrupted teaching once again. Of the one in a dozen years that it snows like this, it just happened to coincide with the the year of quakes.

Flights have also been cancelled yet again in Christchurch. First it was the earthquakes, then the volcanic eruption in Chile and now the snow. Thank goodness Ben’s flight was cancelled and I didn’t have to kidnap him because it would have been hard to mind the children from prison.