All together again

What a day! Ben is here, the dogs are here and the contract for sale on our house has gone unconditional, yippee!

It has been a very stressful day for Ben which started with a 9am lecture this morning. He then had a meeting at 10am followed by a number of jobs to attend to before dashing off home to finish packing, then dashing to the airport with the dogs, depositing them at their terminal then dashing off for his flight. The dogs made their flight but it was just too much and too little time for Ben and he missed his by about 10 minutes. He went on standby and got the next flight with AirNZ very fortuitously because it was fully booked, so we are very grateful to the gentleman who either missed his flight or chose not to fly at all.

I didn’t hear from the solicitor about our house until the last moment – 4.45pm this afternoon. I phoned him at about 3pm to find out what was happening and he was still waiting for news. Apparently the purchaser was having problems with his finance so it was possible he’d ask for an extension. But he didn’t and it all came through at the last moment.

They say selling a house is very stressful, right up there with death in the family and divorce but however stressful, it pales in comparison to the quakes.

3 thoughts on “All together again”

  1. You forgot to mention the 5.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch this morning! Hope you all have a relaxing weekend despite the move and don't forget crack the champers and celebrate the sale of your house.Well done, troops!

  2. Oh yeah, and there was a Mag. 5.1 in Christchurch this morning only it didn't impact much on Ben's day because he slept through it!

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