My little kissing carnivores

I got a cute photo of Elizabeth giving a reluctant Daniel a kiss last night:

A friend of mine just moved up here from Christchurch, arriving yesterday. We caught up this morning and I can see how far Daniel and I have come to feeling at ease. One of my friend’s kids still jumps at the sound of a train or similar earthquake-vibrating noise. I haven’t done that for well over a week now. We went to the swimming pool yesterday and I saw Daniel look slightly uneasy by the sound of some distant truck or train. I reassured him that it wasn’t an earthquake and he relaxed again.  That’s the first time I’ve seen Daniel do that for a while. 
We walked to the supermarket this week which I’ve discovered is not all that far away. Daniel went straight to the meat fridge and demanded I buy steaks and chops and any number of other things a vegetarian would not normally wish to buy. Feeling like I must be depriving him of something I caved and bought a couple of chops and some chicken drumsticks. It was early afternoon when we got home and he insisted I cook them right away. He was obviously quite hungry and when I presented the cooked chops to him and Elizabeth, they both gulped them down with such relish anyone would think I hadn’t fed them in a month. This was then followed by chicken at dinnertime. I stuck with my lentils and rice which as far as I’m concerned, was very hearty and tasty. Children are so contrary.