To stay or flee and cannibalism

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People outside of Christchurch ask me “why would anyone buy a house in Christchurch?”, when I tell them we’ve got a contract on our house. It does seem strange but there are hundreds maybe thousands of people in Christchurch with badly damaged homes and they want to stay in the city so they’re out looking for new homes.
The more social connections you have in a place, the more likely you are to stay. If you’re in a foreign country, without any family and the city you’re living in is hit with a major natural disaster or three, you’d flee right? But if it’s your home town or country and you’ve got family and friends around you’re more likely to stay.
I read in the paper this weekend that Victoria Beckham has hired not one but two nannies to help with her newborn daughter. One nanny does the daytime shift, the other works overnight. People may scoff but if you can afford a nanny or two or three then why not? Any sort of help when you’re a parent to small children is a treasure. Even a cleaner every now and then would be nice.
I’d quite like a chef and probably the Beckhams have one of those too. I think Daniel in particular would appreciate a chef because lately he’s been refusing to eat everything I cook. I have resorted to Nigel Latta’s advice on dealing with fussy children which takes inspiration from the survivors of the Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 which crashed into the Andes mountains in 1972. With nothing to eat and desperately cold, they resorted to eating dead victims of the crash who were fortunately preserved in the snow. 16 of the original 45 passengers were eventually rescued just over two months after the crash. Fortunately we have enough food here for him not to have to resort to eating his sister.