Extraordinary people

I’ve met some extraordinary people in Auckland like the bus driver who drove us to Mission Bay for free. Today I received another random act of kindness. We are without a car and in need of food so I walked down Parnell Rd in search of some basic grocery items. I wandered into a Dairy and asked how much 2L of milk costs. A customer in the store responded and then added “expensive isn’t it” to which I agreed. He looked a little haggard and destitute I thought. I reached for the 2L and made my way to the counter. The same man grabbed my milk and paid for it then ran off leaving the milk for me to collect from the counter. Perhaps I’m beginning to look haggard and destitute too. I gleaned from the lady behind the counter that the fellow had just bought himself a lotto ticket so whoever you are and wherever you are dear fellow, I hope you win big tonight.