A Day at the Museum

This morning we took the kids to the Auckland museum which is an imposing structure high on a hill overlooking the city and harbour. The Christchurch museum is in a neo-gothic stone building and has been out of action since February 22nd and I was too scared to go inside it prior to that anyway, so it was a real treat for all of us. Here ’tis:

Daniel is in the foreground daring the fountain to splash him
Elizabeth standing on a glass floor suspended over live fish and a lobster
It’s a fabulous museum and we barely scratched the surface of it. I did make the mistake of taking Daniel into the volcano house however which simulates a volcanic eruption. The simulation also included a couple of small earthquakes – as often happens immediately before an eruption – which terrified the poor lad and left him in tears. As part of his coping strategy he has spent much of this evening simulating his own volcanic eruptions. My handbag is currently a volcano and my jumper the ash spewing forth. I’m not to tidy it up or move it apparently. He also mentioned to Ben that he’d like to take the volcano house to England so that William and Catherine can feel an earthquake, too.