Made it to Auckland

We are in Auckland! I haven’t posted for a few days because things have been frantic. We decided to put our house on the market in the hope some of the red-zone people might be on the prowl for new lodgings so the past few days have been a desperate effort to get the house ready for sale. The first open home is today. We also thought it might be easier to have the first week of sale while we’re away and the kids aren’t around to create mess. So yesterday was spent cleaning and packing. The caravan also left us 😦 It’s just not a good look to have a caravan in the front yard when you’re trying to sell.

The plane flight up to Auckland was lovely. I took a couple of photos from the plane. The first is of the Southern Alps which are still a little lacking in snow for this time of year but gorgeous nonetheless.

As we flew over the north island I saw Mount Taranaki in the distance, an active volcano. It was very striking and completely covered in snow:
We are about to head out to explore the local area of Parnell. Our first night was freezing as our accommodation has no heating whatsoever. Even houses in Brisbane have heating in winter and my own childhood house even had a fire which was used regularly.  I have this developing theory that New Zealanders like living in freezing homes because they feel somehow morally superior for doing so. I have no proof whatsoever for this but this is my blog and I can say what I like. We’ll try to borrow or buy a heater today. I am more than happy to descend into moral turpitude for a bit of warmth.