Timber Houses Collapse Too

I took this photo of a house not far from ours in St Albans. For those who know Christchurch, the house is on Springfield Road.

And people wonder why I don’t feel safe at home. Timber houses collapse too.
New Zealanders are very stoic but this is not a philosophy I adhere to. If something is troubling me then I like to make changes in my life to improve the situation. Life is too short to be miserable.
Daniel has struggled with being back in Christchurch and has refused to enter the house. He’s been inside twice and it took some major coercion both times. We’re safely tucked up in the caravan as I type and Daniel is watching his favourite movie “Ponyo”. He’s just entering the question-asking phase and I’m being bombarded with questions about the movie like “Why is she wearing shoes inside?”, “Why is she wearing an apron?”, “Why is the power out?”, “Why is the daddy working at night?”, “Where is the mother going?”, “Why has Ponyo got no shoes?”, “Why are they not wearing jammies?”, “Why did Ponyo fall asleep?”  Aarrgh.

9 Replies to “Timber Houses Collapse Too”

  1. I just checked and Springfield Road is in a "green" zone so the owners will now be able to go ahead with repairs. Do you think they'd rather be classified "red"?

  2. Probably. The red zone deal sounds great: pre-September 2010 values. We won't get that for our place. I imagine there'll still be people who complain about it though.

  3. Yes, just take the money and run. No more shifting "shilt". Probably only based on rateable values though. Still, much better than being in the orange zone.

  4. Bearing in mind that houses have been selling for up to 15% below RV lately, I'd be very happy with the full valuation of my property (plus new contents c/- insurance). In fact if anyone wanted to offer me that I'd leave my undamaged house in a heartbeat. On the house thing.. yup, it's munted, but it hasn't collapsed, so unlikely to brain you like a brick house. Glass half full and all that.

  5. Moving to Auckland end of November. Visiting Auckland 2nd July provided volcanic ash doesn't cancel flight.

  6. Speaking of building collapses, is that the lovely old church you used to live behind, featured in to-day's Press for demolition? Very sad, if it is.

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