Is it time to rent a caravan?

We are now cosily ensconced in a dog-friendly holiday house on the Dunedin Peninsula. It’s a magnificent part of the world with lovely harbour views and lush steep hills (hope there are no landslides).

The kids are very happy as the house has an outdoor spa. We had been here less than hour when Daniel started to undress for a swim and on hearing the word “spa” Elizabeth went and retrieved her bathers and brought them to me. So we all went for a plunge. A very relaxing way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth is enjoying exploring the house. As I was unpacking our grocery shopping, I turned just in time to see her pull her hand from the toilet bowl then stick her fingers in her mouth to suck the water off.  YUK!

As lovely as it is here, I’d still rather be home. But a home without earthquakes. Maybe it’s time to rent a caravan again.