A City of Blocks

Earthquakes are an unusual traumatic event from which to recover because they go on and on and on. This makes it really difficult for life to feel normal again. But I know that whenever I go for a significant period of time without feeling earthquakes I do start to feel normal.

The past few days in Dunedin have been very therapeutic. I still jump when someone slams the door or when the wind shakes the house, but mostly I feel pretty good. Daniel has recovered incredibly quickly also. He’s been building cities with the blocks Ben used as a child. Yesterday he built Timaru (a city we drove through on the way to Dunedin). We told him he should be building Christchurch since it’s in need of rebuilding but Ben pointed out it’ll probably just collapse again. I took a photo of Daniel with his Timaru:

Walking around Dunedin this week we came across a collapsed garage. They don’t need an earthquake here for this to happen:

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