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I should have added to my post yesterday when quoting Seneca’s thoughts on dealing with earthquakes, that the Pompeii earthquake he referred to preceded the famous volcanic eruption of 79AD by about 17 years. Little did they know. I have read that prior to the eruption, they would have had several warning signs and so could have evacuated the area.

There’s a heart-warming story of bravery in the news this morning about a fish-keeper at the central city aquarium who breached the cordons to save the animals following the February 22nd earthquake in Christchurch. For almost a week after the earthquake, he snuck in every 6 hours to feed the generator which kept the tanks running and evacuated some 500 animals. Some of the native species have since been released into the wild: an octopus released in Lyttleton harbour, eels released into the Waimakariri.

Our 5.5M aftershock on Monday morning has been upgraded to being only 8km deep from 15km.

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