Goodbye Earthquakes, Hello Volcanoes

It’s official. Ben got a promotion and we’re moving to Auckland! We’ll be swapping earthquakes for volcanoes, but unlike earthquakes, you usually get some warning before a volcanic eruption. The warning signs are:

1) smoke
2) steam
3) swelling of the ground surface
4) earthquakes
5) lava flows (can out-run these)
6) pyroclastic flows (can’t out-run these)

Why on earth did they build the city over an active volcanic field?

We’re off to Auckland next week for a visit just to check it out. The move won’t happen until late November, early December.

6 responses to “Goodbye Earthquakes, Hello Volcanoes”

  1. Oh, hooray! You will no doubt, enjoy the predictability of volcanoes in contrast to the house shaking surprises 🙂 Here's to some good sleep for all of you. Congrats on the job promotion too.

  2. Hi Rach, glad you survived the latest round ok and very pleased you are getting out of there, the sooner the better. Unbelievable to see it on TV, poor Christchurch, what a battering. Cathy

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