Quaky Von Shaky

I’m feeling a little less anxious this evening because we had our 5M+ earthquake for the month this morning. A 5.5 struck this morning just after 9am. After the initial excitement I went to Twitter and someone wrote “Quaky von shaky in the house” which I liked so much I thought I’d name this post after it.

It’s amazing how many people were still in bed at 9am and woken by the earthquake. They obviously don’t have small children.

It was apparently our 6th largest earthquake since September 4th but wasn’t too bad because it was centred near Rolleston about 20km away. 20km makes a huge difference. Any kms makes a huge difference. It was also 15km deep which is deeper than many of the others we’ve had. But nevertheless it made the lights sway considerably, the glasses clink and the whole house shake like mad.

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