Why won’t they let us in?

People here are becoming increasingly frustrated about the city centre remaining out of bounds. The heart of the city has been completely cordoned off from the public for more than three months now with high wire fencing around the perimeter of the red zone.

I can understand the frustration. The people of Christchurch have no city. Meanwhile a number of high-profile personalities including Prince William, Hayley Westenra and Rachel Hunter have been given tours of the city centre.

I don’t fully understand the reasoning behind preventing access to members of the public and to building and business owners and employees. I presume they put our safety as the top priority but I surmise that people will be safer now than they were prior to February 22nd at the very least because they now understand the risks. Why they can’t simply cordon off the larger buildings that are in danger of collapsing and allow access to other parts of town is beyond me.

The people of Christchurch want and need to see their city. Being excluded in this way feels a bit like being grounded for being naughty by your parents. Whenever I’ve driven past the barrier fencing, there are always people there peering in.

On a different topic, Di took this cute photo of Elizabeth while she was here:

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