Bubbles, Dancing and Daniel

A goatee?
Dance classes this week went fabulously well. Both kids were in good spirits; Elizabeth had had her sleep already and all the stars were aligned (not that I believe that rubbish of course). Some photos from dance class:
Daniel giving Elizabeth a kiss
Elizabeth showing her moves
Daniel took his Gruffalo forest to kindy this week for show-and-tell. He was great.  It was all his idea too. As soon as the deep, dark wood was finished, he immediately said “want to take it to kindy to show the other children”. He stood up confidently and proudly and inspired the other children to make forests of their own during the session.
I met with the kindy teachers this afternoon as well as Daniel’s early intervention teacher to discuss ongoing strategies for his Aspergers. The early intervention teacher is so impressed with his progress that she’s not going to request funding for a teacher aide for him next term. She’s also planning to take him off her books. This is good and bad. Good because it’s confirmation that Daniel has come such a long way and no longer needs that support. But sad because she’s been such a terrific support for him and for me and we’re going to miss her.  

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