Daniel has a Piggy Bank.

We decided to start giving Daniel pocket money yesterday; $2 per week. Does that sound about right for a 4-year-old in 2011? Ben asked him at bedtime last night what he’d like to do tomorrow. He replied: get more money from mummy for piggy bank. He’ll go far.

3 Replies to “Daniel has a Piggy Bank.”

    1. haha how’d you find this old post? He’s now got his own bank account and gets £2 per week in pocket money. That’s not much inflation in 9 years 🙂

      1. I won’t let on if you won’t.

        … how did I find this old post? I used ?random. To find out more, check my blog tomorrow (I do like to introduce the odd bit of suspense here and there, you see…)

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