The Happy Couple

Daniel is very taken with the Royal couple, Catherine and William. He discovered a photo of them on the day after their wedding and was so smitten, that Di cut out the photo for him and it’s now pinned to his wall. Perhaps he’s just a sucker for an attractive girl in a pretty dress.

This evening I showed him photos from my and Ben’s wedding and he was very interested. He asked me where he and Elizabeth were and I told him not born yet but that he was in my tummy in the photos. He thought about it for a little while then said “and when I was in mummy’s tummy, I saw lots of wee and poo” in a strangely excited manner.

I don’t really like my wedding photos. Not because they’re not good photos but because I was pregnant and a little on the large size at the wedding (translate: I was fat). I’d love to do it all again and keep threatening Ben with the prospect of us renewing our vows just so I can have some nicer photos but also so I can wear the first dress I bought before I knew I was pregnant. I can still fit the dress and it is lovely and has never been worn. Watch this space.

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