Kindy, Swimming and Dancing

Daniel’s cast came off on Monday and all is fine. He also started morning kindy which is 5 mornings per week for 4-5 year olds. From outside appearances, Daniel seems to love it: he smiles when we drop him off and smiles when we pick him up and there are no complaints before or after.

He’s fairly uncommunicative about what happens during the morning until this afternoon. We were baking feijoa muffins together and I asked him what he did at kindy. He said some kids wouldn’t let him in the playhouse and they threw balls at him. I asked him whether it made him feel happy or sad and he said happy so he obviously wasn’t upset. But I’m not that happy about it and I’m not sure what to do other than mention it to the teachers. The playhouse is around the back of the kindy and often out of sight.

He also started swimming lessons this week and they’re terrific and both kids go to dance classes and the first class today was great. Phew. What a busy week.

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