Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis…

Just as I was dropping Daniel off at kindy this morning there was another pesky earthquake. Only a 4.0 which surprised me as I thought it was bigger. Daniel was already a little anxious about attending kindy today probably because of the mean kids from yesterday, so the earthquake was bad timing. He’s coping pretty well but was visibly anxious. He’s also started scratching his face again which is exactly what happened in the months after the September quake.

Auckland was hit by a tornado this week with one fatality. From first-hand accounts, it looked pretty scary. I would still rather tornadoes to earthquakes though. With tornados, you get some down-time or relief as they are commonly associated with storms and dark, menacing clouds. So if you’re in the middle of a bright sunny day, then the risk is vanishingly remote and you can relax and not think about it. They are also seasonal I believe, so at certain times of year, you can relax again. And you can see them and with that comes the possibility of out-running them, however unlikely this may be in reality. An enemy seen is better than an enemy unseen. Earthquakes can come at any second of the day for 365 days a year. There is no down-time; they are not seasonal and do not depend on the weather.

I wonder how other people feel? Perhaps I’ll start a poll on what people perceive as the worst natural disaster. Done. Voting now started on my blog: which natural disaster/s do you fear the most? You can select more than one disaster.

4 responses to “Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis…”

  1. Yes I agree that a twister is better as you can see it coming. But Victorian bushfires you can see coming and I would not like to around one of those. But life is great and short, especially as I get older, so I try not to worry about natural and unnatural disasters.

  2. Yes I forgot about bush fires. I can't add it now because there are already a couple of votes.

  3. M and I both first thought volcanoes – and they can erupt again at any time. I think drought for a subsistence farmer in parts of Africa like Ethiopia or North Kenya would be pretty bad too. But really, its all relative – if you are from Victoria it is likely bush fires; from Queensland it is likely floods and for you earthquakes. oh, just re-read your response. Did I miss the actual poll where there were only a few choices? Well if I come to that next, I'll vote.

  4. There was a poll but voting finished so I took it down. I was interested to see that no-one voted for volcanoes so I'm sorry I didn't leave it for you to add your vote. I too think volcanoes are pretty frightening but I suppose it depends on circumstances and the level of eruption. A volcano erupting at a safe distance might actually be fascinating to observe, but close-up terrifying and possibly fatal.

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