Chimneys, Plaster and Buns

Fletchers finally sent some contractors round yesterday to seal up the hole in our roof left by the fallen chimney from the first earthquake. They decided to remove all the bricks right down to the ground for safety as the entire stack had moved very slightly. Before:

They will eventually return to replace the plywood with weatherboards. They also spent some time in the roof space repairing cracked rafters and a supporting beam. Again, it was just a temporary fix. The scale of work that needs to be done in this city has resulted in work being done in dribs and drabs: make it safe first; make it pretty later. I’m sure this will make it more expensive overall, as in this example they will not only have to pay for new weatherboards, but for the temporary plywood as well.
While the builders were in our roof, they accidentally severed our telephone line. We’ve only just got it fixed late this morning. This meant no phone and no internet for the whole of yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning. Hell!
Daniel had a bit of an accident last night. He banged his hand on his bedroom door (he was angry because he was in time-out in his bedroom) and came out crying pointing to his hand. Daniel rarely cries over pain so we know to always take him seriously when he does. His thumb was sticking out at an impossible angle so Ben whisked him off to the after-hours doctor. He dislocated the joint and now has to wear a plaster cast for a couple of weeks and see an orthopaedic surgeon.
A photo of the boy with his cast and my fabulous husband making his annual batch of hot cross buns:

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