New Buildings Good, Old Buildings Bad?

Heritage buildings throughout Christchurch have been badly hit by both earthquakes and on the whole, modern buildings performed quite well. But this does not hold true in all cases. The two buildings that collapsed on February 22nd and claimed lives were not heritage buildings and were fairly modern having been built in the 60s and 70s. I do not know of any heritage building that completely collapsed so spectacularly as those two structures did.

On Saturday, when we were driving through the CBD, we drove past the Strategy building on the corner of Montreal St where it intersects with Victoria St.
We took this photo just in time because the building has since been demolished. The 5.3 aftershock on Saturday evening was too much for it and it was listed for urgent demolition.
I do not know how old this building is (does anyone else know?) but it is certainly not old and looks fairly modern to my amateur eyes.

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