Phew, survived the Wiggles concert without…

an earthquake. When I booked our tickets, I studied the seating maps of the CBS Arena for ages and ages, searching for the seats that I thought would be the safest. I decided upon a balcony seat so as to avoid being seated beneath a balcony and a potential hazard that could collapse on top of us. It turned out there were no seats anywhere in the arena beneath our balcony, or indeed any balcony. In fact, our row was the only row in the entire stadium that had a concrete hazard directly above it. Photograph below:

So I spent the first 10 minutes studying this beam and our seats and developing my earthquake strategy which consisted of hiding under our seats. The only flaw in this plan was that these seats were the ones that flip up the minute you get off them. Or in Elizabeth’s case, flip up while she’s still seated.
Fortunately there was no earthquake and the concrete beam did not crash down on top of us.
The concert itself was wonderful. The kids just loved it. Watching one’s children enjoying themselves is pure pleasure for a parent and it was for us. I even enjoyed the concert and know most of the songs now so can sing-a-long. Here are the happy tots:

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