Longing for silence

It’s the sound. That’s what I hate the most. The deep rumbling, the clinking of glasses, the rattling of doors, the smashing of crockery, the screaming. Actually, I haven’t yet heard any screaming during an earthquake. I was at Daniel’s kindy on February 22nd and the children were all very calm. My hairdresser however was in the salon at the shopping mall and she said the screaming was the most terrifying part of it. If earthquakes were silent, they’d be much less terrifying. Imagine a horror movie without the sound.

We went into the CBD again today. It’s a very weird sensation, driving around and seeing things as they now are for the first time. Almost like being a tourist in your own town. Piles of rubble and vacant lots where buildings used to be. The vacant lots are distressing. Sometimes I can’t even remember what was there. How can I forget so quickly?

This is a common sight too, houses and buildings with signs sprayed over the fences, walls or doors:

I’m pretty sure NG means no go. Then the date would be date of inspection. Not too sure about the other stuff.
This building has really had it. Red-stickered for sure. It was quite severely damaged after the September quake. It’s on the corner of Kilmore St with Montreal, just opposite Cranmer Square. 

Another aftershock struck today. Just before 6pm while we were seated at the table eating dinner. A 5.3M. My sister Olivia tells me I need to focus on the positive, so here goes: The good thing about this aftershock is that now we can tick off our monthly 5+ and all should be quiet for the Wiggles concert tomorrow.

Oh god, there goes another one. And the adrenaline floods my arteries again. Probably a 4.2.

2 responses to “Longing for silence”

  1. Hi Rachel, Your description of the quake, and how people have reacted, is very interesting, and maybe very difficult for those of us who have not had that experience to understand. Nevertheless, I agree with Olivia that it is important to always think about the positives. Worrying about the negative can become overwhelming and even an obsession, which is not good. I know this from personal experience, but not regarding an earthquake. There are always good things in life to be very thankful for; I feel so lucky about so many things. Lots of love from Dad

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