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  • Allotment produce in January and Veganuary

    Allotment produce in January and Veganuary

    I got four leeks and lots of kale at my allotment today. There’s still a number of leeks left; definitely enough to last us until spring. My pond is filled with leaves and I had this idea that I’d pull them out until I actually tried. They’re frozen in! I took this video of it. […]

  • It’s Veganuary!

    I’m a bit late with this post because it’s already the 5th of January and Veganuary is upon us! If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution then try going vegan for one month. It doesn’t have to start on the 1st of January. You can start at any time. When you sign up on […]

  • Bobbin bikes

    Bobbin bikes

    Elizabeth took her new wheels for a spin today. She let me have a turn. Her new bike is a Bobbin bike and is exactly how a bike should be with mud- and chain guards, a step-through frame, and a basket on the front for carrying things. Without the mud guards she would end up […]