Scottish wildcat

Today we think we saw a Scottish wildcat. This is another very elusive creature whose population has been decimated over the past couple of hundred years. It is critically endangered and although it once roamed all of the UK it is now found only in northern and eastern Scotland. If it is a Scottish wildcat… Continue reading Scottish wildcat

Backwards reasoning

George Monbiot wrote an article this week which has struck a chord with me called Backwards Reasoning. It is something we all do - reason backwards. If we've already made up our minds about something, then we reason with ourselves to justify that conclusion. If we don't like a particular conclusion, we reject the premise.… Continue reading Backwards reasoning

A world of giant snakes

Once upon a time, crocodiles roamed the arctic1, along with turtles, fish and other warmth-loving creatures. How do we know this? Because bones from these animals have been found there. The bones of a Champsosaur - an extinct crocodile-like animal - were found in the high Canadian Arctic by researchers from the University of Rochester… Continue reading A world of giant snakes

My plan for our planet

There are expected to be 9 billion people on this planet by the year 2050. I may be one of them. Without sounding too much like a brainless beauty-pageant entrant, I hope that one day, we might see an end to world poverty. But is this view inconsistent with the part of me that also… Continue reading My plan for our planet