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  • Aberdeen’s critical mass

    Aberdeen’s critical mass

    Last night I participated in Aberdeen’s second ever critical mass bike ride. Technically I believe it’s not quite accurate to say it was the second as I’ve heard from members of the cycling community that it was previously done in the late 1990s. This was therefore the second in a recent resurrection after more than […]

  • A zombie, Elizabeth Bennett, and Ada Lovelace

    A zombie, Elizabeth Bennett, and Ada Lovelace

    Every year Elizabeth pleads with us to go trick or treating for Halloween and every year I say no. We tell children all the time not to accept things from strangers and about stranger danger and yet on Halloween we encourage them to do the exact opposite. Yes, I’m a big fat party pooper. This […]

  • Trick or high-fructose corn syrup

    Trick or high-fructose corn syrup

    Every year the kids nag to go trick or treating and every year we say no. I just can’t understand how it’s appropriate to encourage children to go to the homes of strangers asking for sweets. Perhaps we’re just boring and unfair parents. To be fair, the kids don’t seem to mind too much and […]

  • Russell Brand on voting | Halloween festivities

    Russell Brand is guest editor for The New Statesmen and he’s written a surprisingly good essay about, what exactly is hard to say, but I would say it’s a sort of Russell Brand philosophy of everything. You can read it here – Russell Brand on revolution. It is very long but well worth reading. Here’s […]