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  • I’m going on a permanent shaving strike

    I’m going on a permanent shaving strike

    I’ve decided to stop shaving my legs. Living in a cold climate where I wear tights or trousers for 8 months of the year has made me realise what a pointless waste of time shaving is. I started shaving as a teenager because this is what society told me I had to do. I never […]

  • Population crisis and hairy legs

    I’ve got a population crisis in my stick insect habitat. It’s swarming with them now and there’s a range of sizes so this is more than just one lot of offspring. They’re breeding like rabbits and I’m not sure what to do with them all. There are so many that I can’t take the dead […]

  • Bushy beaver or prepubescent pube?

    There’s a disturbing trend going on in the female body hair department and this is towards less hair down there. Women go to a salon where they spread their legs for a stranger who smears hot wax nail-bitingly close to important bits, strips of cloth are applied and then the whole lot gets ripped off. […]