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  • Bees, gulls and Grenfell fire

    Bees, gulls and Grenfell fire

    On the pavement outside our house is a tiny bit of dirt beneath a lone tree. The council usually spray the pavement and after years of losing plants this way I now have a sign there. I was delighted today to find two bees feeding from this tiny garden. You can see one of the […]

  • A new laundry

    A new laundry

    It has been about 2.5 months since we were woken in the middle of the night to discover a fire in our laundry and I’m thrilled to say we now have a new laundry thanks to our insurance. It’s the first time we’ve made an insurance claim and I am very impressed by how much […]

  • The day after the fire

    The day after the fire

    I didn’t sleep very well last night. I could smell smoke all night and it’s difficult to ignore that when the previous night this same sense of smell helped avert a serious disaster. I kept reassuring myself it was just the left-over smell from the previous night but then when I shut my eyes my […]

  • Fire in the night

    Fire in the night

    We had an eventful night last night and a close shave. I woke up at around 4:15am and thought I could smell burning plastic. My body wanted to go back to sleep but my brain was telling me to go and check it out. I have a very strong sense of smell so I got […]

  • 2019 Australia’s hottest and driest year

    2019 Australia’s hottest and driest year

      These graphs from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology show how hot and dry Australia has become. Ironically, they were reported by an American newspaper – The New York Times.  The only Australian news source to report the record-breaking heat and drought was The ABC. I cannot find another Australian report of it. Please […]

  • Ethanol fires

    Ethanol fires

    There’s something about having a fire in the house (a planned one of course) that is immensely comforting. All our homes in New Zealand had a working fire and in some of them it was our only source of heating. Our home in Aberdeen had two gas fires which we’ve never used and I’ve missed […]

  • Glamping in Scotland

    Glamping in Scotland

    We’re having a short glamping trip this weekend and had a wonderful day yesterday with lots of lovely scenery, highland cows, llamas, and an evening sitting by the fire. There isn’t any wifi here so I’ll write more when we get back.

  • Where is health and safety when you need it?

    Something I’ve always found a bit odd and somewhat irritating about living in the UK are the health and safety rules. For instance, you can’t enter a school building after 9am without someone buzzing you in. In Australia and New Zealand anyone can walk into school grounds and classrooms are all unlocked during lessons. When […]

  • Up in flames

    This is my first post on my new blog. I started writing a blog because I didn’t know how else to deal with my anxiety after the Christchurch earthquakes. Writing about my fears helped me immensely. It was an awful time. I couldn’t sleep at night and I was always on edge, waiting for that […]