Protest at NZ High Commission in London

Since the voices of Iranian New Zealand women were suppressed through violence and intimidation in Auckland on the 25th March 2023, I thought I would share a link to a live stream outside the Iranian New Zealand High Commission in London, filmed yesterday, where British women give them a voice. You can watch it here… Continue reading Protest at NZ High Commission in London

On Donald Trump and the acquittal

The news from America that Republicans voted almost overwhelmingly to acquit Donald Trump, although expected, is frightening for us all. It's sending the message that it's ok to use your power as a president to try to rig an election. This is the sort of news I'd expect to come out of Mexica or Kenya… Continue reading On Donald Trump and the acquittal

My kids addressed the city council petitions committee

It has been an eventful day. Sometimes I wish my life was dull and uneventful because right now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Today, Daniel, Elizabeth, and I presented a petition to the petitions committee at the city council. The petition is asking for cycle paths that children can use to cycle to and from… Continue reading My kids addressed the city council petitions committee