Tag: Damien Mander

  • Akashinga – the female anti-poaching unit

    I love this short BBC video about the all-women anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe. It brings tears to my eyes to watch, not just for the elephants they’re protecting, but for the women and how the job has transformed their lives. They are the Akashinga – the brave ones. It’s part of the International Anti-poaching Foundation, […]

  • “Does that elephant need its face more than some guy in Asia needs a tusk on his desk?”

    Theresa May plans to lift the ban on ivory trading. Why would anyone want to do that? The reason is because people who sell antiques are required to prove that any ivory in their products was worked before 1947 and this is apparently difficult and expensive to do. She is putting what is a minor inconvenience for antique dealers […]