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  • Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

    Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

    The Aberdeen Cycle Forum is organising a mass bike ride on Sunday 28th April at 11am, starting from Marischal College. This is part of Scotland’s Pedal on Parliament 2019 but this year is a little bit different because the usual Edinburgh ride which attracts thousands of people is not happening. Instead the focus is on […]

  • 2018 in review

    2018 in review

    I scanned through the posts from 2018 on my blog and was surprised by how much I did and accomplished. I hope I will have as much energy in 2019. It started with our January 1st walk up Bennachie which was marvellous. There was ice, lovely views, and an incident that involved a dog stealing […]

  • Ethics into Action

    I’m reading this terrific book about the life of Henry Spira, a New Yorker who challenged large corporations over their abuse of animals, and he did so effectively, without money and with no large organisation behind him. The book is not so much a biography but a book about Henry’s strategy and why he was so successful. […]

  • In praise of change

    I’m an impatient person. I also relish change. I’m not one of those people who fears it and who rejects everything new. Perhaps this is partly why I have no objections to implementing the changes needed to stem global warming and am perplexed why so many people fight against them. I read this great tweet […]