Loch an Eilein and Landmark Forest Adventure Park

We’re back from our holiday in Aviemore and although we were sad to leave it’s nice to have decent wifi again at the very least so I can see all the photos we took. It’s also nicer to view them on a big screen. My new Samsung phone has a brilliant camera and so we took many more photos than we usually would because the quality is so good.

We crammed quite a bit in yesterday and visited Landmark Forest Adventure Park as well as Loch an Eilein. Loch an Eilein is a freshwater loch less than 4 miles from Aviemore. There’s an island in the loch with a castle ruin that dates back to the 14th century and the loch is surrounded by forest with lovely walking paths. It’s a gorgeous spot for a walk, a picnic, a canoe or all of the above.

Landmark Forest Adventure Park is a theme park with various rides and activities specifically aimed at families. Daniel had been wanting to visit this place for a while so we thought we’d give it a try. It was a little more crowded than I was comfortable with but we all had fun nevertheless. There were giant water slides, sky diving, a dinosaur kingdom, a rollercoaster, rope activity trails, a butterfly house, and lots of other things to keep all ages entertained. The park is in a forest setting which was really lovely and there were quiet places around the edges and among the trees if you wanted to escape the crowds.

My phone created this next video. I’m not sure how. But I’ve never seen Ben dance so well.

Landmark is in the village of Carrbridge which is about 7 miles from Aviemore. While we were there we visited a lovely bridge called the Old Packhorse bridge. It was built in 1717 and spans the River Dulnain.

4 thoughts on “Loch an Eilein and Landmark Forest Adventure Park”

  1. What a great place to visit. It actually looks not too crowded for an adventure park, especially such a beautiful looking one. It will make lovely memories for your family.

    1. They are currently limiting the number of people who can enter the park but there still seemed to be a lot there. I’ve never liked crowds very much though so it’s possible I’m more sensitive to that than most.

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