I got to see my sister on my recent trip to France.


And my niece and nephew. It was my niece’s birthday.



I have visited Antibes several times over the past 20 years. This next photo of me was taken on one of my first trips, when I was about 21.

Antibes 1.jpeg

I’m now 42 and last week I got this one, which I thought was in the same spot but it’s actually slightly further along. Close enough.


In another 20 years I’ll take another one in the same place.

4 responses to “Sisters”

  1. That’s a scary birthday candle! Did it go bang at the end and explode the cake?!

    1. Thankfully, no. But the birthday girl did struggle to blow it out.

  2. So nice to go back to memories… you look happier and more relaxed in the second photo.

    1. I am much happier and more relaxed now than I was back then. Bring on old age!

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