Fabricating data

No, this post is not about climate scientists fabricating data to make it look like the earth is warming because they’re not and the earth really is warming. This post is about Daniel’s science homework. He had to perform an experiment which involved observing the difference between evaporation in a sunny spot and evaporation in a shady spot. It seemed to me like a dumb time of year to perform this experiment as nothing much is evaporating outside at all just now. Then there’s the problem of finding some sunlight as the sun goes down not long after we get home from school.

Last week I was stressing about how we were going to do this since we had the weekend trip to Aviemore planned. I wasn’t keen to take science homework with us on our weekend away. So I did a very bad thing and fabricated the results! I explained to Daniel what would happen and told him what to draw and write. Yes, I’m a bad parent. Then I told him not to tell his teacher.

Today he came home with the science book and his teacher has written in it, “Daniel, you were supposed to do the wobbly jelly activity”. Damn! At what age do kids start taking responsibility for their own homework?