Ballater, Scotland

I am on holiday and my sister is here for a week and I’m in one of the loveliest places on Earth: Ballater, Scotland. Life is very good. We arrived in Ballater this afternoon just before the sun disappeared on the horizon. It was the longest night of the year last night, the winter solstice, so from here on in the days will start to get longer.


Ballater is a gorgeous little village surrounded by hills and forests and right next to the River Dee which flows all the way to Aberdeen. Some of the surrounding hills have snow on the their peaks so we plan to go in search of this snow over the next couple of days.

There’s not one but two bookshops on the main street here which is a very good sign. I tend to judge a place by the number of bookstores and two-dollar shops it has. If the two-dollar shops (or in this case one-pound shops) outnumber the bookstores then it’s probably not such a great place. Ballater also has a couple of wonderful opshops (charity shops) which may even have some outcasts from Kate herself, given the proximity of Ballater to Balmoral Castle. I got this dress this afternoon for £10. This is reasonably pricey for an opshop but it’s Laura Ashley and in great condition. It’s also quite sparkly in real life, something my camera failed to capture. A perfect dress for Christmas lunch.