Newtown Grafitti

My father-in-law, Mike, died earlier this year but before his death plans were in progress to take some of his 29,913 photographs of Sydney and exhibit them. A documentary is being made about Mike by the very creative Rachel Jordan and she also wants to make these exhibition plans a reality. You can read more about it on Pozible.

There’s a great video of Mike there and in it he says,

If in a neighbourhood you can walk to the places you want to go, it’s a good neighbourhood to live in.

I couldn’t agree more.

His photographs are on his Flickr page, Newtown Grafitti. Here are some of my favourites.


15 thoughts on “Newtown Grafitti

  1. He’s an amazing photographer. I had seen the graffiti before and loved it. Thanks for sharing more links.
    The video is also very good; he’s so right that moments are temporary, and went photographing at least once a day. The same advise serves us for life in general, isn’t it?

    1. Yes, he’s captured all these temporary moments. They’re things that most of us are often too busy to notice. He’s written funny captions on quite a few of them on Flickr too.

  2. checking out the captions on flicker, lead me to the occupy sidney three part, learned something with part 1 and laughed out loud with part 3. couldn’t agree more about walking from home to places you want to go. i miss that now. take care.

  3. The funding for Mike’s exhibition has been raised so it will be a reality. Funding closed today. A fascinating man. How sad that he died before he could enjoy a public celebration of his work.

  4. Wow. Mike’s pics are great. As I only read this now I missed the cutoff for pozzible but would love to see his work in Sydney if I can. Is there any way I can stay in the loop?

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