I shave my armpits and the ice is still melting

I’m finding the school trip with Busby and two kids easier and easier. It’s almost too short a journey for me now. Certain “Skeptics” (you know who you are) might mock me and my bicycle and all I have to say in response is that I have a damn fine set of legs now thanks to cycling everyday. So there. Mock all you want while you sit on your arse in a car. I even took Ben for a ride in the bicycle this afternoon. I don’t think he’d like me to share his weight publicly – is it just me or have men become obsessed with their weight? – but Busby can handle a maximum weight of 80kg in the box itself and it was easy peasy from my perspective. I think Ben was mildly alarmed 🙂

A wasp tried to attack me just as I was falling asleep last night and I ended up having nightmares about wasps and have been in a bad mood all day. I blame the wasp. The concerning thing though was that we sprayed the wasp with my deodorant and it died. What on earth am I spraying on my armpits? Perhaps I’ll get a roll-on instead. And yes, I do wear deodorant and I even shave my armpits. The ice is melting and we are the cause AND I shave my armpits. Imagine that? Some people, it seems, think these are mutually exclusive things. In other words, they think that climate change is the domain of hippies and greenies and they couldn’t possibly agree with this group of people so they must reject the science. The ice is still going to melt regardless of whether I shave my armpits because … physics. In other words, a dislike of greenies is not a reason to reject physics.

Everyone (and by everyone I mean Antipodeans) keeps saying to me, “Isn’t it cold there?”. And well, compared to Brisbane, yes it’s cold. But I don’t feel cold. The houses are made of stone, they are double-glazed, insulated, and have central heating. It’s not cold inside and I don’t turn the heating on in the house during the day when I’m working. When I go outside, I put on a scarf and coat and more often than not I have to take layers off because I get hot when I’m cycling. It’s called dressing for the weather and it’s very easy to do.


  1. I knew hairspray worked to kill wasps, I didn’t know deodorant worked. I think shaving your hairpits is no a big part of global warming. I provide balance, at least in the winter.

    1. Ah, I didn’t know about hair spray either. I never buy those poisonous insect repellants so this is handy to know and I also wonder why those other ones are needed when these work perfectly well.

  2. I feel sorry for the wasp! 😦 Agree with you about pesticides. Have refused to use them for well over 30 years. There are a few spiders in the house but I just relocate them if I want to vacuum up their webs. Fortunately, I’m not scared of spiders. As for Busby, very impressed. I would have loved to see you cycling along with Ben in the front!! Makes me laugh to think of it.

  3. I would have nightmares too Rachel, I have a morbid fear of wasps and one in the bedroom? Yikes…that’s a step too far. But intrigued by what killed it, now that is worrying. I use a product you can get at Boots, it’s a roll on and uses a natural product alum and works great. Sanex I think (not a particularly great brand name, sounds like a sanitary towel, I know) but thought I’d mention it anyway 😉 And I must say bravo to your last line..love it 🙂

  4. Bees get a good press. Wasps get a bad press. I don’t believe in Karma but I do try the trick of a glass and piece of card to capture then release insects. Without wasps we would suffer from a big influx of aphids and other not helpful in the garden. With the Rachels of this world we would suffer an influx of those who damage our garden of knowledge and care for the planet. Thank you Rachel (but be kind to wasps, they are on your side) x

  5. We have people at work who get breathing difficulties when deodorants are sprayed around (kids do it for nuisance value sometimes…) Scary stuff. I wish we could all enjoy incorporating greener living into our lives, and the idea of working together to create something good and long lasting.

  6. When I went on a school camp recently, we had to use any spray stuff outside as it would set off an alarm- Roll ons are probably more environmentally friendly I guess as the containers can be recycled- some people say the aluminium free ones are more ideal- after 2 lots of boils under the armpits over 2 summers, I have been warned against using the roll on variety- I haven’t and thankfully, have only had one lot of the nasty things since and that happened when I borrowed my husbands one! so, spray it is for me! as to being toxic to invertebrates and insects, the spray ones have alcohol in them and that isn’t good for any animal!

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