Thin Ice kickstarter campaign

Thin Ice is a brilliant documentary made by geologist and amateur cameraman, Simon Lamb. I’ve seen it a couple of times and it’s my favourite climate science film. It’s informative, clear, and it doesn’t have the Hollywood drama of some of the other climate documentaries which is a good thing in my view. I think anyone who cares about the future of our planet – which is hopefully all of us – ought to see this documentary.

There’s a kickstarter campaign to bring the documentary to US public television. They need about $20,000 over the next 13 days in order to do it. Donate and spread the word. Here’s the trailer:

14 responses to “Thin Ice kickstarter campaign”

  1. I realise that getting stuff on public channels is important but what about iTunes or even App Store. I realise the extra production costs but Richard Dawkin’s book The Magic Of Reality was also an iPad App that was not merely a PDFS but reality exploited the possibilities of the digital medium. Just a thought.

  2. Haven’t heard about this documentary movie. After watching the trailer, it seems interesting, and the perspective of the researchers is always welcome. But, as we know, our politicians have a different point of view. Our only hope is to educate the people. Let them feel that this topic is important, and that some parts of the world might suffer big problems if something is not done about it. Raise awareness. I’m a living proof of that. From a meat eater, I went vegan in less than one year. And I was already in my 50s at this point. There is nothing that can stop educated and well informed mass of people from achieving their goals. Not even their politicians.

    • Well done on going vegan! It’s not so hard once you learn how to cook with lentils and chickpeas and lose the taste for dairy products. I still occasionally eat dairy products when I’m not given a vegan option but I don’t like them very much. Milk tastes like a hairy cow to me now!

      The movie is really informative and compelling. I loved it and will probably watch it again.

  3. ‘Thin Ice’ sounds like a great title for a film that questions whether we’re wise to allow our scientists to be criticised and second-guessed by politicians and charlatans.

    But I see I missed the boat (or ice sled?) on this one; “228 backers pledged $34,448 of $27,500 goal… This project was successfully funded on November 23” (2014, I assume — why do folk so often leave out the year, when those four digits add so much more information? Do they think that it somehow makes the content timeless? It does the opposite, to my mind).

    Borrowing the theme… have you seen ‘Chasing Ice’? Here’s a clip from that film, showing the largest ever calving caught on film:

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