Gentle lighting

A couple of people pointed out the gloomy colours in the Northern Scottish sky on my previous post. The sunlight is more subdued here and more gentle than the bright sunlight you get in Australia and New Zealand. I prefer this gentle lighting. I must have been a vampire in a previous life because I’ve never really liked bright lights. They make me squint. I’ve also got very fair skin that freckles easily. So I feel very much at home with the dark and gloomy colours.

I took the children to the park late this afternoon between 4:30 and 5pm and the sun was just starting to set so I took some nice photos of the colours in the Western sky.

IMG_7305 IMG_7314

Yesterday I passed this house with castle-like crenellations:


6 responses to “Gentle lighting”

  1. I think it’s more pronounced where you are but there is a very special autumn/winter feel that this gentle light gives me. Sometimes there is rain too. But it reminds me of being in the car, I think after a ballet lesson (which I did very briefly but did not understand what was going on at all), looking forward to getting home and the lilting announcements and colours of the football results. I am glad that soft light works for you and your colouring!

    1. It is very special, I agree. Did you take ballet lessons?

      Even as a kid I didn’t like the sun very much and have got sun burnt far too many times. Elizabeth is the same as me and complains endlessly about having the sun in her eyes.

  2. The castle looks a bit spooky especially at this time of year. Wonder what’s behind the red door?
    When I looked up close I saw that the other door is blue. So also wondering what’s behind the blue door. 🙂

    1. haha, Aberdeen does have a bit of a spooky feel to it.

  3. I love gentle lighting, especially at this time of year. I think it gives a lovely hue to you photograph, I do enjoy your walks around your new hometown. I would love to go inside these houses, bet they are gorgeous. But I’m probably just being nosy 😉

  4. In general, I prefer sunny days but without the glare as long as I can be in the shade. I love the shade so much that I have to take vitamin D. Subdued light would be nice for a change but I don’t think I could cope with it long term.

    My favourite light is just before a storm with dark skies, lightning and thunder. Beautiful!

    Keep the photos coming. Always a pleasure to look at the scenery and what everyone’s up to.

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