My new home: Aberdeen

Aberdeen is endearing itself to me. It’s the little things that make a difference. Like this front gate I walked past yesterday with a tin of biscuits for the guard dog. Just in case you want to rob the place and a fierce dog is standing in your way, the owners have helpfully provided the dog biscuits (note the sign on the gate: beware of the dog).


Or the man in the post office shop who said to me last Sunday when I tried to post a package:

A’m afraid a wullnae be able tae hulp ye. As ye kin see th’ computer is a’ setup ‘ere bit ah haven’t bin given sufficient training in howfur tae uise it yit.

Then there are the churches. This is the best part. Many of them are no longer used as churches but have been converted to restaurants, hotel accommodation, housing, museums, and pubs and night clubs.

We made a fleeting visit to the Maritime museum last week which is also in an old church. Here’s a photo looking out over the harbour from the top level of the museum, through the church windows:


It’s quite a fun place for kids to visit. Elizabeth played for a good while with a model ROV (remotely operated vehicle):


There was also some quite interesting information about the oil fields:


And a model of the Murchison oil rig: