St Clair, Dunedin

Another wonderful day in Dunedin. We return to Auckland tomorrow and I feel sad about that. This evening we went out for dinner in St Clair, a very lovely beach suburb. We went to The Spirit House, a superb Thai-Vietnamese-Korean restaurant overlooking the sea. The food was delicious, the views wonderful, and the service I cannot fault.

I am a teetotaller …. most of the time. However I’m not really strict about anything so my teetotality is flexible. But because I so rarely drink, when I do, I’m pissed on one beer. This is very handy and quite enjoyable so it’s well-worth avoiding alcohol for months on end just to feel the pleasure of being pissed on one beer every once in a while. I will return to my teetotality tomorrow. I don’t think alcohol is particularly good for you, especially for women.