St Clair, Dunedin

Another wonderful day in Dunedin. We return to Auckland tomorrow and I feel sad about that. This evening we went out for dinner in St Clair, a very lovely beach suburb. We went to The Spirit House, a superb Thai-Vietnamese-Korean restaurant overlooking the sea. The food was delicious, the views wonderful, and the service I cannot fault.

I am a teetotaller …. most of the time. However I’m not really strict about anything so my teetotality is flexible. But because I so rarely drink, when I do, I’m pissed on one beer. This is very handy and quite enjoyable so it’s well-worth avoiding alcohol for months on end just to feel the pleasure of being pissed on one beer every once in a while. I will return to my teetotality tomorrow. I don’t think alcohol is particularly good for you, especially for women.


  1. I like that feeling of being suddenly drunk too! I got quite into the habit over the hot summer, so lost the ability, but now am trying to lose those extra 4 pounds that have crept on, I am going to look forward to that feeling again.

    I think alpacas are very sweet.

    1. Yes, the one beer and pissed feeling is the best. Although probably only women can experience this. Ben can go for months without drinking anything but he’d never feel pissed on one beer.

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