Life before kids…or not

My mother-in-law is currently staying with us so Ben and I took advantage of her offer to babysit and go out for dinner child-free. This is the first time we’ve done this in more than seven years. I kid you not. We went to Takapuna and left early so that we could walk along the beach before the sun set. I took some amazing photos of it:



We went to our restaurant at around 6pm and enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal like grownups. The only problem was that it was all finished by about 7pm and we couldn’t possibly arrive back at home before the children had gone to bed. What to do? So we ordered dessert. That was delicious but it only added another 20 minutes or so to our evening. Bedtime for the kids is 7:30pm in our house. So we went for another very long walk around Takapuna during which I tried to explain the difference between and to Ben and failed miserably. Is this what life was like before children?

Today we went to another beach: Mairangi Bay. It was lovely:




10 responses to “Life before kids…or not”

    • The horizon looks particularly good in these shot because of the volcano – Rangitoto – in the background. As for the digging to Aberdeen, he could well be! He’s very much looking forward to having school dinners again. That’s not something they do in this part of the world.

  1. Auckland looks like a lovely place with so many beaches for the kids. They may miss all that open space when you leave.

    • Rangitoto does make the Auckland skyline very distinctive. I like looking at it. I think it adds something to the view even though I really don’t want to be here when the next volcano erupts.

    • Yes, I’m sure that does happen. I think we talked about the kids a bit as well although perhaps not as much as we were expecting. 🙂

  2. Great photos Rachel, and I had to smile as I was just the same with my kids, I never left them! My M-I-L used to push us out of the door when we took the kids down to LA for a weekend to see them, telling us to go out for a few hours but we would always return a couple of hours later! And when we did go out, all we did was to talk about the kids, haha!!! Well, I’m so glad you had a nice evening together and what a beautiful walk…and I agree with Denise about Elizabeth’s dress.. 🙂

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