The consequences of climate change

The science journalist, Peter Hadfield (aka Potholer), has a great new youtube video about the consequences of climate change (in our lifetimes). I have to give credit to Moth from New Anthropocene for bringing it to my attention. This to me is good science communication: it’s simple, clear and interesting.


Here’s a quote from the very end which strikes a chord for me:

I’m not alarmed by a problem that our intelligence will allow us to mitigate; I’m alarmed at our ignorance and gullibility that leads us to wilfully ignore it.

3 thoughts on “The consequences of climate change

  1. I just finished watching this. I’m glad you posted it. Now back to the book I’m reading, Climate Cover-Up, by James Hoggan. I don’t see how anyone who has children or grandchildren, or a sense of responsibility, can ignore this.

      1. It’s good, but it won’t make you happy. It helps explain why climate science is still being questioned. I think it is important to know who is doing this and how. I’m very
        surprised to learn of the ones who abet.

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